We Help your Website and Web Content Comply with the ADA, Which Could Save You Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Litigation.

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Is Your Website ADA Compliant?...

Website owners have been sued because they were not in compliance with part of the law.

Something is currently going on and it’ll only be a matter of time before it gets to you or your company! It’s the ‘ADA’ act which requires businesses to make accommodations for people with disabilities in ALL their web content.


Be Aware

Fox Business News
ABC Action News
NBC News
No One Is Safe

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re A

Local Biz Owner
Online Marketer
Doctor, Dentist Or Specialist

Ecom Store Owner

Or Own A Website

ADA provides that web content should be accessible. While no one can guarantee that absolutely everyone will be able to use every feature or function of any particular website...... What if YOUR website was more accessible to millions more customers?


Benefits of ADA Compliance

Our Product

Our Widget Can Help!

Epilepsy Safe Mode
VIsual Impaired Mode
Cognitive Disability Mode
ADHD Friendly Mode
Instant Website Translation in to 109 languages
Mute Sound
Mute Sound
Hide Image
Hide Image
Highlight Hover
Highlight Hover
And Much More...
Huge Black or White Cursor
Screen Reader
And Much More...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you enroll in our service, we provide our light-weight tool to install on your website. Then it will run for each visitor to your website to provide the best available accessibility to those who may want what it can deliver.

Our tool can improve the users reading experience and change the visual experience. Need a bigger cursor? Easy. Need text to speech? It’s one click away. The user can change font size, color and spacing. The tool can highlight links on your page. The user can hide images, mute sounds, stop animations, enable a reading guide or a reading mask and much more.
What would it cost to translate your website in to 109 languages? Does your customer read Bosnian, Greek, Hawaiian, Persian, Spanish or Urdu? Our accessibility tool allows your users to select the language they prefer and in one click your page will be immediately translated into the language your customers need.
To see an example of our tool’s available functions please click the circle icon at the right side of our main page. Try a few.
Our code does not disturb or interact with any existing code in your website. The code runs in our cloudbased SaaS and does not require any maintenance from you. Any updates are done on our own servers as needed.
Our tool does not collect, use or distribute any personally identifying information about you, your website or your customers. The tool is “stand alone” and does not include advertising and is not supported by ads. The purpose of this tool is to support your customers and allow them better access to the website that you created so that they can enjoy the benefit of your own products and services.
In a word, no. We offer an inexpensive solution in an attempt to help as many people as possible to use and enjoy websites. We do not state, infer or in any way guarantee that the tool we offer is all-inclusive or makes any or every website completely compliant. It is not magic. Every website is unique with myriads of combinations of interacting data points. There are many things one can do to make a website more accessible to those who may need or want better accessibility. We recommend that a website owner start with this tool. Additionally there are likely other tweaks and adjustments that can be done to a particular website that could further enhance accessibility. Feel free to contact us as we may be able to help.
  • Enter your information in to our sign-up form at the bottom of our page. Include your website address if you would like to request our simplified report which will show whether there are compliance issues that should be corrected. We will email the report to you.
  • If you are ready to protect yourself now while helping your customers gain better access to your own website, sign up through our monthly or one-time-payment options.
We will prepare a snippet of code that will be unique to your website. We will securely send it to you so that you or your developer can install it on your website. We can also make arrangements to have our developer install it for you for a minimal charge.

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